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5 reasons to hire home insurance

In Spain, home insurance is not compulsory and depends on the owner. In most home sales, buyers contract a mortgage with a bank, which requires to contract such insurance during the duration of the loan. In this post we talk about the importance of hiring home insurance even if you have already paid your mortgage or purchased a property in a single payment.

In Corpi, one thing we have learned in more than 25 years of experience in the sale and rental of homes as a real estate in Murcia, is that the purchase of a house is, if not the most, one of the most premeditated and important decisions in a person´s life, not only because it requires a large outlay of money, but also because the buyer looks to it for a place to create a home and turn it into his most valuable asset, loaded with his belongings and memories.

Why take out home insurance in Spain?

It is simple, a home insurance protects your home, its contents and who lives in it in many different ways, in this post we show you 5 reasons to hire it:

1- Protect your home from major accidents

Home insurance protects your home from natural disasters such as fires, hurricanes, earthquakes or similar events caused by humans that could destroy it, by offering the insurer compensation both for the reconstruction of the dwelling and for the replacement of lost belongings.

2- Theft of goods

Even if it´s something that no one wants to experience, thefts happen very often, but in the case of having a home insurance, the consequences are minor. The insurer will cover compensation for goods stolen from homes, and in most cases also protect its residents in the event of theft or theft on the street.

3- Savings from

It is highly likely that some areas of your house or your belongings will be damaged, either by the passage of time or by contingencies, and to fix them you will need a professional, something that ends up translating into expenses, expenses and expenses. A home insurance covers most of these repairs, so more than an expense, it´s an investment.

4- DIY

Not everyone is a ‘handyman’ or has time to do small household tasks such as installing a lamp or a complicated appliance. With an insurance call, they’ll send a tech to save your time and do it for you.

5- Offer coverage for civil liability

Finally, but probably the most important reason, we will talk about civil liability.

It is one of the fundamental guarantees covered by home insurance, protecting the owner of the house from damage that may be caused to third parties, and covering the costs of repair. A common example is the repair of a leak in your neighbor’s house, which arises from a leak in your house’s pipes.

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